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WeatherTunes press kit

TL;DR: WeatherTunes creates playlists that fit the weather conditions around you, giving you the perfect songs for right now. It is free on the app store. It is well designed and chooses great my not so humble opinion :)

What is WeatherTunes Music?

Weather based radio & music discovery. Just hit play and go. WeatherTunes finds music that fits the weather conditions around you, giving you the perfect songs for right now. Just choose your favorite genre and start listening.

WeatherTunes works behind the scenes using conditions currently around you, including things like how cloudy it is, humidity, and even time of day, to pick songs that will fit that moment in time. You can also favorite songs & artists to further cutomise the type of music it finds thats fits your personal taste.

You can download it on the app store for free. Don't hesitate to contact me at to request a promo code if you would like to remove the ads.

Key features

  • No thinking, just hit play
  • Intelligance built in to help keep the selection fresh
  • Picks great songs by using an outside service and internal logic to create playlists that fit the mood
  • Continuously updating the music as the weather changes throughout the day
  • Down to the hour detailed information on precipitation, wind speed and humidity when you swipe your finger over the weather bar.
  • Choose from eleven genres
  • Swipe up and watch the video
  • Choose your own color theme
  • WeatherTunes uses the the best quality video provided when on wifi, the best being 720 bitrate. When on a data connection it defaults to 360, but switches to 240 if the connection is slow.

Pricing & Availability

WeatherTunes Music is available directly from the App Store worldwide and is free

Who Made WeatherTunes Music?

Ari Amanatidis. He's an independent designer/developer and avid music fan living in the Astoria, NY.

But Is It Well-designed? (Spoilers: Yes)

Have some retina images to prove it! Feel free to right-click and download.

WeatherTunes Music